Monotonous Monogamy

‘And you invented me and I invented you and that’s why we don’t get along’—Buk

It should be of no shock at this point that we are not designed to be monogamous. One only need to review the countless news stories of men and women who have been caught unfaithful to their spouse. The media dives into a frenzy whenever a high level politician or lawmaker is caught in compromising photos, or the infidelity is revealed through shadowy sources.

We love that. We love to see someone succumb to their primal instincts. It reminds all of us that these supposed lofty elites are still chimps in their double helix.

Maybe someday we will decide as a species that perhaps we should allow our partners one night a year to fulfill those other urges that make up their psyche. Men should admit they are no prize and not capable of giving a woman everything she wants. A communal ‘purge night’ where the aim is not the death of undesirables but the death of lust. How many would be willing to trade 30 nights for 30 years of strong oak love?

For men, the cut and shape of a woman combined with the tone of flesh is a contrast against all backgrounds. Something he is able to spot across a field or crowded venue. It is a curse of sorts for men but if it were left to the female species to ensure procreation, we would have died out long ago.

Men, more so than women is certainly not designed to be monogamous. Look at the over production of sperm if you need biological evidence. While I am certain that women exist who can be just as randy as a man, for the most part men have earned the title of ‘dogs’. Having only ever been a man I will speak to that.

All men secretly want to sleep with all women. It is a fact of life, something men need to admit to themselves in order to move forward as a human being. Certain men are unable to control themselves and became the rapists of our world. Others control themselves long enough until they can move on to the next conquest or keep several past and potential conquests on the dangle at the same time. The reason Playboy sells every month is because the woman on the cover changes, not because the content does.  And yet others never get to partake in any of it.  

Some men keep it together for a very long time and then suddenly explode in a shower of promiscuity once they fully realize that they are going to die having only slept with 2-3 women in their entire life.

Then there is the final man. The one who realizes that he is trapped in a body that wants to reproduce, or partake in the action that would allow him to do so but understands that in today’s culture it is essentially Pandora’s Bomb, not box. So much waits for the man who is able to realize this and gain the self knowledge that he will always lust, but that love must be earned. Not only from a woman but from himself. To do this he must figure out who he is and find someone to love that person.  ——————Love ya Riss.  

A Lack of Magic

Leave magic to the creatures who see us as gods.
Leave magic to the creatures who see us as gods.

Just in time for religion’s latest gift:

Imagine for a second that a cure for cancer has been found.  It matters not what type or how far advanced or treatments tried. This cure will solve all, is abundant and easily made.

Now imagine that cure has been discovered by someone of faith. A fervent believer in a deity.  This person says to the world that their cure is only available to those of that particular religion. Their god gave them this cure, so it must only be for those of the ‘chosen people.’

How would the world react? What if this religion was not a major faith but some obscure sect or cult?  Would the citizens of the world stand by while one person determined who would be saved and who would not be?  Would war ensue? Would thousands of cancer sufferers convert to the religion deemed the ‘one’ by this cure? No.

All the world would know it was science that had brought forth this cure. Just as science has done every time in the past. The world would step back and decide as a whole to take what was needed to benefit the entire planet. The ‘whole.’

Although if this individual’s god was ‘money’ they could demand whatever price they wanted for the cure and no one would blink. Why? Because this is the best system we have at the moment.  We have not come up with a better system other than capitalism, and we won’t as long as we see each other as separate pieces, rather than as each belonging to the whole.

My girlfriend believes that her and I have connected in past lives. I humor her and tell her I believe the same thing, and to be honest I have a deep connection with her. However for me it is the knowledge that at the atomic level we are all connected. All the same. No differences found. So I say yes when she asks if I believe we have been ‘connected’ in previous lives, because all of the material that makes us today was here before. Not in consciousness, but in the physical.    

I will admit I like the thought. Nothing would make me happier to be certain of an existence before or after this life. I would trade all I own and all the days I have left to spend one more afternoon with my brother. But no part of me believes this will ever happen. I cannot in good conscience deceive myself into believing that beyond this world all things will be corrected, that sufferings of this life will be atoned in the next. I’m sorry, but I just can’t swallow it.

I probably have less than sixty years left on this planet. In all honestly more like forty five to fifty years.  About seventeen thousand or so days. I do not wish to spend it hoping some celestial being will save us from ourselves. I cringe at the idea of spending the next century soaking ourselves in the blood of each other. I see the world tearing itself apart with no signs of a magical intervention. If god did not stop the holocaust, he ain’t coming. We are not going to solve problems with our current line of thinking, and I don’t have any immediate answers. The time now is not to act, but to think.  

Can we live in a world without magic?  One where we refuse to kill each other over whose myth is true?

Sitting at the Kiddie Table of the Universe.

Here's what we can do to change the world, right now, to a better ride. Take all that money we spend on weapons and defenses each year and instead spend it feeding and clothing and educating the poor of the world, which it would pay for many times over, not one human being excluded, and we could explore space, together, both inner and outer, forever, in peace.”
“Take all that money we spend on weapons and defenses each year and instead spend it feeding and clothing and educating the poor of the world, which it would pay for many times over, not one human being excluded, and we could explore space, together, both inner and outer, forever, in peace.” -Bill Hicks

It can be said that we have been warned.  Each generation has some voice that cries out to warn us of the complete fools we are making of ourselves on this very small blue dot. We often kill those people before they get too far or enact too much change. We listen to them for a period of time, then dismiss them in a hail of gunfire. But we cannot say we have not been warned.

This is not some ‘end of times’ post, just a little reminder that a change is coming, and unlike most changes this one will not be as violent as those in the past. We will have the millennials to thank for that.

Whoever becomes president in America it matters very little at this point. Money rules and the surmounting debts facing this nation will come due before 2020. If Bernie gets in he will add to that, if Donald gets in he will try to default on it. Hillary will just stall it out. Either way the dollar will collapse causing a massive upheaval in the world. Pensions, savings and security will evaporate.  Should you have bought Bitcoin, Gold or Silver, at that point will matter little.  

What will matter is what happens next. Not allowing the world to fall into despair, millennials will see this as their moment to seize upon the planet and turn her in a new direction. Communities will be formed with the idea of taking care of each other and finding the resources and means to supports existence within the immediate locale. The laziness of millennials will no longer be in question. Their passive love for this world will carry us.

Guns will initially be useful, then set aside as people learn that we need one another to create a place where violence as an option is no longer a reality. A place where peaceful parenting is needed so not to allow violence to pass through into the coming generation.  Science and reason will demand and become center stage for development. No longer will the world give into superstition or myth, but focus on easing and subsiding the true suffering of our planet today. Works will not be put off into the next life, but completed in this.

Teachers will take their craft to the field and not be bound to mortar and oversight boards.  Craftsman and laborers will rule the day and be cherished as those who actually produce a better world, rather than those who just speak of one. Humans will realize that they can only solve the problems under their feet and must leave those to solve life where they stand. The finite resources that surround us will be coveted but not hoarded.

The accumulation of stuff will not be the norm, but a footnote of a wealthy past- a comical historical oddity. True wealth- food, shelter, absence of worry, happiness and freedom- will be the pursuits of all the species. Scientists will be the celebrities as they push the boundaries of a known world, bettering lives for all present. Those pushing for a state or power will be dragged down by mobs and those who speak reason and empiricism will have no choice but to step into the breech. A voluntary society.

Past warnings will be taught to children to keep a lookout for signs of decay. People will be free from all things except ridicule, reason and evidence. Humanity will see itself as cells within a larger being with neither competing or cooperating interests. Earth will be mother and humans will finally be able to enjoy the ride. Finally be able to get up from the kiddie table of the universe.